Voya Media logo Voya Media is a cross-platform media player that easily plays your music, pictures and videos.

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(*1) Many videos are restricted from being played outside of youtube.com (mostly music videos)
(*2) Cannot share/host files on iOS devices because of limited local/persistent storage
(*3) For example: WMDRM (WMA), CSS (DVD), AACS (Blu-ray) etc.

Android iOS Mac OS X Windows 10
Android 9.0+ iOS 10.0+ Mac OS X 10.11+ Windows 10+
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Windows Linux
Windows 7+ Ubuntu 14.04+ / Fedora 20+
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3rd Party Libraries 3RD PARTY LIBRARIES

FFmpeg 4.1.3 LGPL v.2.1 (GNU Lesser General Public License)
FreeImage 3.18.0 FIPL (FreeImage Public License)
Freetype2 2.10.0 FTL (FreeType License)
libCURL 7.64.1 MIT/X derivate license
libUPNP 1.8.4 BSD (Berkeley Standard Distribution)
libXML2 2.9.9 MIT License
M's JSON parser 1.7.0 LGPL v.2.0 (GNU Lesser General Public License)
OpenSSL 1.1.1b Dual (OpenSSL / Original SSLeay License)
SDL2 2.0.9 zlib license
SDL2_ttf 2.0.15 zlib license
SQLite 3.28.0 Public Domain
zLib 1.2.11 zlib license
Google Noto Fonts OFL
Dropbox API Developer branding guide
Google Maps API Terms of Service
SHOUTcast Radio Directory API License Agreement
TMDb API Terms of Use
YouTube Data API Terms of Service

Please support the development of Voya Media ($1) Please support the development of Voya Media ($1) Please support the development of Voya Media ($1)